We’re all striving for success in our own worlds and in our own way, but what does it take to be truly successful together? SkyeTeam is a woman-owned, international, leadership development company. They focus on building sustainable and successful organizations through the development of the people within the organization. The SkyeTeam is a unique group of seasoned professionals who have dedicated their careers to leadership development and human resources. They understand the challenges that companies face and will partner with you to identify and implement solutions that deliver real results.

With an understanding that one size does not fit all, they create programs around your company’s language and culture, resulting in the right recipe for success. We take the time to get to know you and your strategic business goals in order to develop and recommend action-oriented solutions that are effective today and well into the future. We will give your leaders the courage to lead and your employees the confidence to deliver.

A trio of best friends and co-workers at SkyeTeam, Morag, Eric, and Ruby didn’t just write a book on better relationships at work, they’ve lived it… together. They’ve been practicing the principles laid out in You, Me, We for more than a decade. They’ve built a successful global consulting firm together, gone off-roading together, vacationed together, and eaten their weight in bacon together.

They’ve shared tears, laughter (a LOT of it), and the joy of creating a ton of magic for themselves and their clients. Most importantly, they’ve been allies to each other, looking up, showing up, and stepping up during every professional and personal crisis they’ve experienced. Together, they can say with certainty that life really is #bettertogether.

You, Me, We is a book for leaders who want to improve―at leading, yes, but also at their lives. How so? By building deep, long-lasting relationships that set everybody up for success. One of the most important indicators of individual, team, and organizational success is the presence of an Ally Mindset.

The trio believes that when we have best friends at work―people who are with us in good times and bad and who help ensure we make it through together―we thrive. When we don’t, we flail and eventually crash and burn, leaving only a smoking hulk of debris behind as evidence that we were ever even here.

You, Me, We shares valuable lessons on the five aspects of an Ally Mindset, so you can not only be a better friend at work, but also experience greater happiness, collaboration, and business outcomes.

You, Me, We provides a powerful framework for making intentional decisions about how we connect. Follow this recipe and your work-life (and the work-lives of those around you) will change in a big way.

They believe the world needs more leaders who can build deep, long-lasting relationships that equip everyone to succeed. They would love your support if you do, too! (of course, you do – you’re amazing!)

They will also give you assets and ideas (and some extra goodies). Provide them with a review of your purchased copy and whatever other support you can as they launch You, Me, We in October 2022.

Join Morag Barrett, Eric Spencer, and Ruby Vesely for three interactive conversations that explore their research and share the steps you can take to accelerate your success and ensure we are all better together!

SkyeTeam makes Leadership fun again! Better Relationships. Better Results.